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Four Seasons of Worry-Free Fun! No matter what type of recreational vehicle you own, we have the insurance you need to fully enjoy your leisure activities!

Motorcycles, watercraft, snowmobiles and all-terrain vehicles (ATV) …every season has its share of leisure and entertainment activities, with the recreational vehicles to match.

Our representatives are experienced professionals that understand the importance of looking after your needs so you can get on with enjoying your life.

Classic/Collector Auto Insurance

At Godfrey-Morrow, we understand the care and attention to detail you put into your vintage vehicle or collector car. We apply the same attention to detail when setting up an insurance policy for your beloved car. We will advise you on specific policies and coverage available only to owners of these beautifully maintained vehicles.

  • Why do I need classic or collector auto insurance? – Unless you use your classic car for everyday driving, you can get insurance rates that are significantly lower than those for regular-use vehicles. Antique, classic and collector vehicles are also generally insured for their true value, as opposed to the “actual cash value” standard applied when settling claims for damage to most other vehicles.

  • Do I need an appraisal? – Appraisals are required every three to five years, depending on the insurance company, to determine the vehicle’s insured value. Using an appraisal crafted by an expert in vintage or collector cars, the insurance company will provide you coverage up to the appraised value. Collectors know that a vehicle’s value has a lot more to do with the type of car, its condition and the quality of the restoration than it does with the amount of money that has been spent on the car.

  • Can I drive my classic car to work in the summer? – No. Vintage car insurance is designed for limited pleasure use only. The rates are calculated based on certain driving criteria for the vehicles: They are to be used for pleasure driving only (Sunday drives to the ice cream shop in Cochrane, show and shines, parades, etc.) and not for everyday driving or commuting. Some classic car insurance policies limit the annual mileage, but this can be adjusted if you want to drive your car to a show in Florida, for example.

  • How old does my vehicle have to be to qualify for classic/collector auto insurance rates? – Cars or trucks will be considered for classic car insurance at 15 years or older, provided they are used and maintained as a hobby only.

  • What types of vehicles qualify for collector or vintage auto insurance? – Vintage or collector auto insurance is generally available for original, stock cars or trucks that are at least 15 years old, but custom-built or modified vehicles are also considered case by case. Inexpensive replica/kit cars do not qualify for this type of policy.

Motor Home Insurance

You’ve worked long and hard to purchase your motor home so that you can explore the beautiful scenery Canada and the United States have to offer. During your travel adventures, you don’t want to worry whether you have adequate insurance coverage in the event of an accident or mechanical breakdown. Let the professionals at Godfrey-Morrow work with you to create an insurance solution that will allow you to relax and enjoy the open road.

  • Can’t I just add my motor home to my car insurance policy? – Because the motor home is a motor vehicle, you could add coverage to a standard auto policy, but you would not be fully insured. Specialty policies are designed to cover risks specific to motor homes and may include guaranteed replacement cost coverage for the unit, fire department charges, emergency vacation expenses and extended warranty coverage for the appliances.

  • Is my motor home covered if I travel in the United States? – Yes, a motor home policy issued in Alberta allows for the vehicle to be used throughout Canada and temporarily in the United States.

  • Is there any coverage for the contents I leave in my motor home? – Standard auto policies do not include coverage for the contents of a motor home, but specialty motor home insurance policies do add this coverage. Items that are permanently kept in the motor home, such as bedding, pots and pans, dishes and cutlery, are covered under such policies.

Motorcycle Insurance

At Godfrey-Morrow, our knowledgeable insurance agents can help you cruise in peace and comfort this summer. Whether you ride a high-performance “crotch rocket,” a Harley, a dirt bike or a cruiser, we have a motorcycle insurance policy for you.

  • Can I remove coverage over the winter? – Yes and no. The limited use of motorcycles, like other seasonal-use vehicles such as snowmobiles and boats, is already factored into the insurance rates. This means that almost all the premium is used during the riding season, leaving very little refund, if any, when coverage is removed in the off-season. By keeping your coverage during the winter, you are protected should the bike be damaged or stolen while it is being stored.

  • Can I insure my motorcycle on the same policy as my car? – You may be able to. Depending on the insurance company and type of bike you have, some insurers will add it to your car’s policy. This does not apply to sport bikes, as a limited number of companies are willing to insure this type of bike. There are also specialty insurers that have excellent rates for cruiser-type bikes and Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

  • Do I need a Class 6 driver’s licence to get motorcycle insurance? – You do not need a class 6 driver’s licence to insure a motorcycle, but you will have to obtain it before the policy is renewed. If you already have a class 6 licence, more insurance companies will be available to you and the rates may be significantly lower.

Snowmobile and All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) Insurance

Whether you are looking for basic liability coverage for your touring snowmobile or full coverage for your high-performance, hill-climbing snow machine, Godfrey-Morrow will get you covered.

  • I use my snowmobile only during the winter, so why do I need an annual policy? – Snowmobile insurance rates, like those of other seasonal-use vehicles (motorcycles, boats, etc.), have already factored in the vehicle’s limited use. Snowmobile and ATV insurance can be reduced or canceled during the off-season, but because the premiums go toward coverage during use, there is little or no refund. Year-round coverage has a couple of important benefits: Your snowmobile or ATV is protected in case of loss or damage while it is parked in the warm months, and you do not have to worry about calling to remove coverage in the spring and then calling again to start it back up in the fall.

  • Why do I need snowmobile insurance? – You are required to have liability insurance before you can register your snowmobile. If your snowmobile is financed, the bank or finance company is likely to require full insurance coverage to protect the snowmobile against loss or damage.

  • Does my age affect my rates? – No. Because there is no minimum age requirement for operating a snowmobile, the size of the motor and the vehicle’s value are the main factors in determining the rates. Other factors include the type of snowmobile, whether it was custom-built, and whether it has been modified or customized.

Trailer/Camper Insurance

Whether you have a travel trailer, camper, fifth wheel or tent trailer, Godfrey-Morrow can find the coverage you need to relax and enjoy your time away from home. Trailers and campers can be insured under a property policy, an auto policy or on their own policy. Our knowledgeable agents will explain the differences in coverage so that you can make the best choice for your trailer insurance.

  • Do I need liability insurance for my trailer? – No, you are not required by law to have trailer insurance or to register the trailer and get a licence plate. A trailer or camper policy protects against loss or damage. It does not include liability coverage, as this coverage extends from the towing vehicle when the trailer is attached and from a property policy (home, condo or tenant) when the trailer is not attached to a vehicle.

  • If I lend my trailer to a friend, is it covered? – If you have a policy that covers damage to the trailer, it will extend to the trailer when on loan. Liability coverage extends from the towing vehicle.

  • What type of coverage can I get for my trailer? – Coverage depends on the type of policy you choose. Insuring the trailer under a car or truck policy provides basic coverage for fire and theft, comprehensive or all perils coverage. A home or specialty policy provides coverage for named perils or all risks, with reimbursements ranging from actual cash value to guaranteed replacement cost, depending on the coverage you choose. The specialty policies also cover outbuildings, emergency vacation expenses and discounts if the trailer is parked year-round in a secure, supervised RV park.

Watercraft Insurance

Sailboat, wakeboard boat, competition ski boat or personal watercraft — no matter your preference, we have a watercraft policy that will meet your needs.

  • My current company will not insure my 450HP wakeboard boat. Can you insure it? – Absolutely! We deal with several specialty marine underwriters who understand the watercraft industry. They realize that a 450HP wakeboard boat, designed and built for plenty of towing power and to be used at slower speeds for wakeboarding or surfing, is an entirely different risk than a 450HP cigarette boat built with an emphasis on high-speed performance.

  • Is liability coverage included in a watercraft insurance policy? – Whether your boat is insured under your property policy or a stand alone policy, liability will be included, as it does not extend from other policies you may have.

  • How does an insurer determine the value of my boat if it is stolen? – Boats and personal watercraft can be insured for actual cash value (current market price) or for a stated value. Stated value coverage has a set limit, typically purchase price including taxes, in the event of a total loss to the watercraft. Replacement cost coverage is available on certain boats; in the event of a total loss, it will replace your boat with a brand-new watercraft from the current model year.

  • Does a boat policy cover the trailer as well? – Yes, a boat policy will cover your boat trailer unless you specifically exclude it.

For more details on any of the products we represent, contact us and we’ll reply within one business day.