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Your home is your #1 investment and having the coverage for your home, contents, detached buildings should be your #1 priority.

We understand that you want the best for you and your family, including the best insurance protection. We also understand that although your insurance needs can change over time, your need for the best insurance partner will not. Our representatives are experienced professionals that understand the importance of listening to your needs. Packages customized to your needs are available for many types of personal property.

Homeowners Insurance

Protecting your home should be a top priority. Not only is it your place of comfort, but it’s also a valuable investment. Home insurance protects your home, garage, fences and contents and provides coverage for any unintentional injuries or damage that occurs on your property. Let Godfrey-Morrow Insurance provide you with a quote for the proper coverage to keep worry at bay.

  • When insuring my house, shouldn’t I insure based on the tax assessment? – No. The tax assessment is based on the dwelling value, land/lot and market value. Home insurance protects your dwelling based on the reconstruction cost, as the land/lot and market value are not calculable factors in determining how much it would cost to rebuild your house.

  • Does homeowners insurance cover my personal property as well? – Yes. Coverage for personal property is based on a certain percentage of your dwelling insurance limit. Home insurance provides the replacement cost for the contents of your dwelling and other personal property.

  • Why is sewer backup coverage necessary? – This coverage provides additional protection for your home against water damage resulting from problems with a sewer, sump, storm drain or septic tank.

  • Is $1,000,000 liability coverage enough? – Homeowners insurance provides coverage for personal liability up to $1,000,000; however, if you’re concerned about personal injury or property damage costs exceeding this limit, you can purchase a separate personal umbrella policy that provides coverage up to $5,000,000.

Condominium Insurance

When you purchase a condominium, you are buying your unit as well as a portion of the structures, amenities and facilities of the whole building or complex. Condo insurance allows you to protect your own home and also provides coverage for your liability as a joint owner of the common areas.

Ordinary insurance policies may not give you all the protection you need as a condominium owner. Condos spare you some of the chores and maintenance of traditional home ownership, but that comes at the price of a shared burden if something goes wrong. Godfrey-Morrow understands your unique concerns and thus provide you this insurance along with our house insurance.

  • Why do I need condo insurance? – Although you don’t own the building, you do own the interior of the building. Your condo insurance provides coverage for your contents, additional living expenses, liability, voluntary medical and property payments, loss assessment, betterments and improvements, and contingent liability.

  • I’ve done upgrades to my condo unit; is this covered? – Yes. Your condominium policy insures any betterments and improvements made to your unit, up to a certain limit.

  • Why do I need loss assessment coverage? – When you share responsibility with others for common property, you are liable for any damages or losses to any common area. Loss assessment coverage pays out your portion of the special assessment if the loss is due to an insured peril.

Tenant Insurance

Renting a home does not absolve you of the need for insurance. Did you know that your landlord’s policy may not cover your personal contents? A tenants insurance policy will protect your belongings from loss or damage resulting from any cause specified in the policy, which might include fire, theft, sewer backup or water escape. With your belongings protected, you can enjoy the worry-free lifestyle renting a home can provide.

  • Do I really need tenant insurance? – Yes. As a tenant, you are liable for any harm caused to the building or anyone who lives or visits there. Liability is not the only concern, however. Replacing your personal property after loss or damage can be costly.

  • Is tenants liability insurance that important? – Yes. Not only will such a policy protect you in the event of harm caused to the building or anyone living or visiting there, but if you are a dog owner, you have another liability concern. A tenants liability policy will cover any medical expenses or awards that may result if your dog should bite someone.

  • How much contents insurance do I need? – If a total loss ever happened (i.e., from fire) and you needed to replace all your belongings, including furniture, electronics, clothes and other items, it would all add up. Take time to calculate the amount of coverage required; our minimum coverage starts at $30,000, but coverage can go up to whatever amount you think is necessary.

Rented Dwelling Insurance

As a landlord, you have special insurance concerns. Not only are you interested in protecting the dwelling itself, but you must also be insured against accidental injury of your renters or other people in the home. In addition, an interruption in rental payments may make it difficult for you to pay the mortgage. Godfrey-Morrow can secure a policy that will replace lost income. Let us help you protect your property investment.

  • Why do I need rental property insurance coverage? – Owning a rented dwelling is an investment, and insuring your investment provides coverage for your property or injury to the people in the home.

  • What is fair rental value/rental income coverage? – You’re committed to making mortgage payments regardless of whether the home is livable. If an insured peril causes unfit occupancy or a civil authority prohibits access to the dwelling, fair rental value coverage applies.

  • Is it necessary to have contents coverage while renting out my home? – Yes. When you equip your rental home with appliances, maintenance equipment (i.e. lawn mower) and window coverings, these are your personal property and should be protected against loss or damage.

Seasonal and/or Cabin Insurance

It’s your home away from home, and you’ll want to protect it just as you do your primary residence. Since you can’t always be at your seasonal home, the right insurance coverage will give you peace of mind year-round. Let Godfrey-Morrow’s hardworking agents find the perfect seasonal insurance policy for you.

  • Can I insure my seasonal home/cabin outside Alberta? – Yes. As long as we insure your primary residence, our insurance companies can provide seasonal insurance coverage for you anywhere in Canada. Each province has different rates; contact us to see if we can offer you a quote for insuring your seasonal home.

  • Do you insure log homes? – Yes. We have access to certain markets that will provide seasonal insurance coverage for your log home.

  • What precautions should I take with the plumbing while my seasonal property is unoccupied? – Several safety measures should be taken while you’re away from your seasonal home: Arrange for a competent person to visit the home each day you are away to ensure that the heating is functioning and there are no problems. Turn off water supply, drain the pipes and hot water tank if you will be away for an extended period. Have the heating and plumbing monitored by an alarm station.

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