Protect My Car

In the event of an accident, is my insurance adequate to protect me and my family? This is the last question you want to be asking yourself as you drive to work, to the supermarket, to the kids’ soccer game or to the cabin.

By combining your home and auto insurance, you can save significantly and simplify your payments.

You can take advantage of My Home and Auto™ even if your auto and home policy renewal dates are different or your spouse holds one of the policies. You can also tailor your policy to your needs by including coverage for a boat, cabin, trailer or other personal property.

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Personal Insurance

Auto insurance is not a one-size-fits-all product. All drivers are required by law to carry public liability coverage resulting from injury to other people or to damage to other people’s property, but coverage for any damage to your car is optional. Godfrey-Morrow Insurance will work with you to tailor a policy that meets your specific needs at a competitive price.

  • Why do I need insurance for my car or truck? – Auto insurance is required by law to protect you from the financial burden resulting from property damage or injuries caused in a collision. The policy will also provide coverage for medical expenses and loss of income after a car accident.

  • Do I need full coverage on my vehicle? – No. Only liability coverage is required; this coverage, however, will not provide any protection if your vehicle is damaged due to accidents or other causes (theft, hail, vandalism, etc.).

  • What information is used to determine my rates? – Your insurance rates are determined by many factors. The type of vehicle you own and your driving and insurance histories are the most important, but age, gender, marital status and the area you live in also contribute to the rating structures used by insurance companies.

How do I use my car?

The way in which you use your vehicle has a significant impact your insurance rates. Whether you use your car to run to the grocery store or golf course, the office or school , or to drive to meetings at various locations around town, the use of your car will have an impact on your premium.

There are several rating categories for car insurance:

  • Pleasure use – the car is used for pleasure use only (going shopping, church, the golf course or to visit friends & family).

  • Commuting – using your car to commute to work, school or public transportation (LRT Station or BRT parking lot)

  • Business Use – using your car during the course of your work day (driving yourself to meetings or clients homes/offices around town)

  • Commercial Use – using your car or truck to transport tools, equipment or supplies or deliver products to your clients.

Alberta Auto Reform

In October of 2004 the Alberta government introduced legislation designed to make car insurance more affordable for Albertans. The government introduced third party liability (PL/PD) rates, linked to your driving record (grid rating) taking into account three factors – number of years licenced, number of accident in which the driver was deemed to be “at fault”, and the number of tickets for the driver.

This grid sets the maximum rate an insurance company can charge for the legally required auto insurance coverage but does not factor into the rates charged for coverage for your own vehicle. The rates for collision and comprehensive coverage are not included in the auto reform legislation.

The insurance rates for all coverages (liability, collision and comprehensive), while approved by Alberta Finance, are set individually by each insurance company. Auto insurance reform is designed to give the benefit of the lower of the two liability insurance rates between the Alberta grid rate and the insurance company rate to the vast majority of Alberta drivers.

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