auto insurance services

Auto Insurance

In the event of an accident, is your insurance adequate to protect you and my family?

Home Insurance Services

Home Insurance

Packages customized to your needs are available for many types of personal property.

Business Insurance Services

Business Insurance

Ensuring that you have enough coverage to protect your business deserves attention.

Financial Services

Financial Services

No matter what your age, status, or situation, you’re capable of taking charge of your finances.


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Alberta Auto Theft on the Rise

It’s cold. You’ve gotten up a little earlier to start your car and let it warm up. So you won’t have to stand in the blowing wind and scrape your windows, or even worse, drive precariously until your windshield wipers finish the job for you. At least that’s how most of my mornings start during…


Online Shopping Safety

Online Shopping Safety

It’s that time of year again when everyone turns their minds to holiday giving. You may be the kind of shopper who thrives on running the gauntlet at the shopping malls, or you just may prefer to do your shopping in your pajamas from the comfort of your laptop – I know I do.  If…


Mind the Gaps When it Comes to Insurance

Insurance, you feel pretty confident you’ve got it covered. Home, auto, RV, and you even remember the travel insurance, albeit last minute, before taking a trip. So how could there possibly be any gaps in your coverage? Even the brightest among us don’t know what we don’t know, and that’s when you are thankful to…


Cyber safety: A wise business decision

Technology has helped us to automate many manual tasks and make day-to-day business transactions easier and less time consuming. Just as technology advances, so do the skills of the predators who hope to capitalize on a weakness in the system or an overlooked exposure to the security and safety of our confidential data.   You can take…


Customer Services

Godfrey Morrow is committed to providing those current customers who prefer to deal online with more tools to do so.

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View a list of current Godfrey Morrow Insurance programs.

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