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Auto Insurance

In the event of an accident, is your insurance adequate to protect you and your family?

Home Insurance Services

Home Insurance

Packages customized to your needs are available for many types of personal property.

Business Insurance Services

Business Insurance

Ensuring that you have enough coverage to protect your business deserves attention.

Financial Services

Financial Services

No matter what your age, status, or situation, you’re capable of taking charge of your finances.


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male police officer writing fines next to highway in front of his white police car

Avoid the Fines – Registration Changes and More.

Avoid the fines – Registration changes and more. Avoiding driving fines such as speeding and parking tickets is easy to do if you can stay on task behind the wheel and follow the rules. There are other fines however that just seem to creep up on you, especially if like me you are a little…


living room with wooden floors and chairs

Room for Rent – Secondary Suites

For some the idea of inviting others into their home to rent opens the door for opportunity. Not only does it offer more affordable housing options in a struggling economy, but it also offsets mortgage and housing costs for the homeowner. According to CMHC, 78 percent of Canadian municipalities now permit secondary suites, a significant…


man setting smoke detector on ceiling

Spring Is Here! Freshen Up On Fire Safety

Spring Is Here! Freshen Up on Fire Safety. Spring is the time of year when we renew and refresh our homes in preparation for a fun filled summer season. Cleaning windows to let the sunshine in, preparing yards for a new season of growth, and repairing or replacing items that have served their time. There…


rain outside window pane

Rainy Days Are Here Again…

Rainy days are here again… If you’ve been in this province a few years you likely remember the devastation of the 2013 floods, if not, I’m certain you’ve heard about it. Non-stop rains, mountain run-off, and overwhelmed rivers left small towns all but swept away and whole cities underwater. It looked more like a movie…


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Godfrey Morrow is committed to providing those current customers who prefer to deal online with more tools to do so.

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